ESP8266 with 512kiB flash

Vendor: Espressif
Features: WiFi
Source on GitHub: esp8266/GENERIC_512K
More info: Website

The following are daily builds of the ESP8266 firmware tailored for modules with only 512kiB of flash. Certain features are disabled to get the firmware down to this size.

Installation instructions

Program your board using the program as described the tutorial.



v1.19.1 (2022-06-18) .bin [.elf] [.map] [Release notes] (latest)
v1.18 (2022-01-17) .bin [.elf] [.map] [Release notes]
v1.17 (2021-09-02) .bin [.elf] [.map] [Release notes]
v1.16 (2021-06-18) .bin [.elf] [.map] [Release notes]
v1.15 (2021-04-18) .bin [.elf] [.map] [Release notes]
v1.14 (2021-02-02) .bin [.elf] [.map] [Release notes]
v1.13 (2020-09-02) .bin [.elf] [.map] [Release notes]
v1.12 (2019-12-20) .bin [.elf] [.map] [Release notes]
v1.11 (2019-05-29) .bin [.elf] [.map] [Release notes]
v1.10 (2019-01-25) .bin [.elf] [.map] [Release notes]
v1.9.4 (2018-05-11) .bin [.elf] [.map] [Release notes]
v1.9.3 (2017-11-01) .bin [.elf] [.map] [Release notes]
v1.9.2 (2017-08-23) .bin [.elf] [.map] [Release notes]
v1.9.1 (2017-06-11) .bin [.elf] [.map] [Release notes]
v1.9 (2017-05-26) .bin [.elf] [.map] [Release notes]
v1.8.7 (2017-01-08) .bin [.elf] [.map] [Release notes]

Nightly builds

v1.19.1-994-ga4672149b (2023-03-29) .bin [.elf] [.map]
v1.19.1-993-g283c1ba07 (2023-03-29) .bin [.elf] [.map]
v1.19.1-992-g38e7b842c (2023-03-23) .bin [.elf] [.map]
v1.19.1-991-g6c7624896 (2023-03-23) .bin [.elf] [.map]