Nucleo H723ZG

Vendor: ST Microelectronics
Source on GitHub: stm32/NUCLEO_H723ZG

Installation instructions

STM32 via ST-Link

Nucleo and Discovery boards typically include a built-in ST-Link programmer.

A .bin or .hex file can be flashed using st-flash.

# Optional erase to clear existing filesystem.
st-flash erase

# Flash .bin
st-flash write firmware.bin 0x08000000
# or, flash .hex
st-flash --format ihex write firmware.hex

A .hex file can be flashed using STM32 Cube Programmer. -c port=SWD -d firmware.hex -hardRst

STM32 via DFU

Boards with USB support can also be programmed via the ST DFU bootloader, using e.g. dfu-util or

To enter the bootloader the BOOT0 pin can be connected to VCC during reset, or you can use machine.bootloader() from the MicroPython REPL.

dfu-util --alt 0 -D firmware.dfu



v1.20.0 (2023-04-26) .dfu [.hex] [Release notes] (latest)

Nightly builds

v1.20.0-151-ga61d40e5e (2023-06-02) .dfu [.hex]
v1.20.0-143-ge4886dda8 (2023-06-02) .dfu [.hex]
v1.20.0-140-g7a17596e1 (2023-06-02) .dfu [.hex]
v1.20.0-139-g5159304ca (2023-06-01) .dfu [.hex]